Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gene-O..... Small Town Character Actor

There are always
Stars of Life...
but wouldn't it be boring
without the
Character Actors of Life?

Well.... our friend Gene-O
is a Character, for sure.
You ask him how he is... it's always;
"The Best!".

But one of our favorites is:
"When I get home
I sure hope Ma's constipated."

"Why is that Gene-O? '

"Cuz I'll be doing her a favor."

"Oh's that?"

"Cuz she's gonna
when she sees me!"

(Stay tuned for more "Gene-Oisms)
he's got hundreds of 'em


  1. What a wonderful idea! Our town is full of characters. I so enjoyed visiting with him the other night! Does he know he's famous now?

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