Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.....

While 'putting the clean' on my shop
this morning
I kept hearing some thuds.... 
head outside to check the roof
and there is Jackpot
(young black cat w/ great personality).
Apparently he decided it was time to
show the kitties
how to get up there....
climb juniper tree and jump!
Oliver, Pete & Re-Pete 
were having a grand time.
Violet said,
"Noooo way, I'm not going up there".

Here they are on my messy porch.
There must be a sign somewhere
on our property,
written in 'Cat',
that say's "Suckers live here....
Drop your little kitties off
and this goofy lady will feed them,
worry about them
and try to find them homes...."

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