Friday, October 28, 2011

Family History Stuff....

This is an old painting of one of my ancestors, Mosias Maupin.
A Great Grandfather
from waaaay back.
It is said that He and Daniel Boone were best friends....

According to the person who posted this picture on a genealogy website said, "He had seen this painting that hangs over the fireplace at Daniel Boone's home in Missouri and it had a tag on it that names Mosias Maupin as one of the people in the painting." Another person remarked that the man to the right is Mosias, and that he had the Maupin look. They wondered which one of the ladies was Leah (wife of Mosias), probably the one in front in dark clothing and thought maybe one the boys or men leaning towards the dog might be a son. They said they had fun speculating. I've seen this picture before; who would of thought I was looking at a relative. The name of the painting is Daniel Boone Escorting the Settlers Through the Cumberland Gap by George Caleb Bingham.

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