Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Cowboy's Sweetheart.....

A Cowboy’s Sweetheart
Oh, the last steer has been branded
And the last beef has been shipped,
And I’m free to roam the prairies
That the round-up crew has stripped.
I’m free to think of Susie …
Fairer than the stars above …
She’s this cowboy’s sweetheart,
My little turtle dove.
Sometimes I think I’m loco
And only fit for herdin’ sheep,
‘Cause I only think of Susie
When I’m awake or dead asleep,
I’m wearin’ Cupid’s hobbles,
And I’m tied to Love’s stake-pin,
And when my heart was branded
The irons sunk deep in.
I’ll ride to see her on Sunday,
A’wearin’ my wooly chaps,
I’ll take a good horse for Susie
So’z we can ride & talk o’er our plans.
- 1900s poem, cowboy author unknown

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