Wednesday, September 5, 2012

from 'Heart of a Cowgirl'.....

This is from the first blog I ever read and continue to enjoy.
Give her a look.....
She's an animal lover and doer.
And makes some really fun jewelry.

1. Sometimes you have to buck the norms to pursue your dreams
2. Adventure and Excitement Beat Housework
3. Be tough, but revel in your femininity

4. When life throws you to the ground, get back on the horse

5. Don’t let others belittle your achievements

6. Accept the nature of things
7. Work hard and look after other cowpokes
8. Never steal another cowgirl’s horse or thunder

9. Attack life like it’s a 1000 pound steer

10. Act on your beliefs rather than protesting for them

11. Use common sense, if you don’t, the cattle will knock it into you

12. Let the land rejuvenate your soul
13. Walk beside your pardner, not in front
14. When cow poking doesn’t pay, be resourceful
15. Embrace urban cowgirls

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