Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Friend..... Jim Bothum

Jim Bothum.... last cowboy to spur Warpaint out of the chute. He graciously stepped out of the stirrup before the buzzer.....

This is an old friend from back in my Pendleton days. He was quite a bronc rider....
Was the last man to spur WarPaint out of the chute but graciously stepped off before the buzzer,
as he didn't think it would be right to do otherwise.... now that's classy!
This photo was taken up at Severe Brother's Saddle Shop at Hotel de Cowpunch
where lots of rodeo cowboys stay during the famous Pendleton RoundUp.
Jim keeps an eye on things that week as Bill & Duff (the original Severe Brothers)
have passed onto that Saddle Shop in the sky.....

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