Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A REAL Cowboy Girl.....

Be Yourself

When I was young and foolish,
The women said to me,
"Take off those spurs and comb your hair,
If a lady you will be."

"Forget about those cowboy ways,
come and sit awhile.
We will try to clue you in,
On women's ways and wiles."

"Take off that Levi jumper, 
Put up those batwing chaps.
Put on a little makeup and,
 We can get a date for you, perhaps."

"Forget about that roping,
that will make calluses on your hands.
And you know it takes soft fingers,
If you want to catch a man."

"Do away with that Stetson hat,
For it will crush your curls.
And even a homely cowboy wouldn't,
Date a straight haired girl."

Now being young and foolish,
I went my merry way.
And I guess I never wore a dress,
Until my wedding day.

Now I tell my children,
No matter what your do.
Stand up straight and tall,
Be you, and only you.

For if the Lord had meant us, all to be alike,
And the same rules to keep,
He would have bonded us all together,
Just like a band of sheep.

~Georgie Connell Sicking, 1985

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