Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Home Remedies for Wart Removal.....

Okay, I realize this post isn't exactly the norm for me. But found it interesting and thought you would too.

My daughter had a big one on the bottom of her foot when she was little. We tried everything... Dr. Scholl's wart removers, froze it a couple times at the doctor's office, and then finally had it cut out which was awful. The dang thing grew back bigger than ever. Just happened to be visiting with my cousin's wife who sells Young Living Essential Oils and she said to try dabbing the oregano oil on it once a day. It was amazing because the wart was completely gone in 3 weeks and has never came back. PM me if you have any questions!


Sounds far fetched ...on a full moon cut a potato rub the wart really well then go bury the potato and forget about the wart before you know it its gone...worked for me a few months ago....one more tidbit going into cold season have a cough at night from a cold and cant sleep? Cover the bottom of your feet with Vicks and put on a pair of socks...works for us

I have been told, and this is a little strange, if you pee on a cu-tip and rub it on the wart before you go to bed they will disappear and not come back. I have a friend who swears this works, her son did it and has not had any come back.

Duct tape. Doc told my son to wrap a small piece of duct tape around his finger for 7 days, take it off for a couple of days, then wrap it back up again. Worked great! Also had an old man that took my niece down to the edge of a swamp and washed her hands (they were COVERED in warts) in stump water, they were gone the next day

 We have a family friend who rubs raw bacon on them. He then keeps the bacon and when you leaves says a prayer. My dads hands were covered in them and are no clear. They are Christians so I'm not sure how it works.

 put finger nail polish on it to completely cover it. It smothers it and it will go away.

I rub dandelion greens on the wart until all the juice is gone out of them. They're suppose to be caused by a virus, so really don't know if this works, or they're just gone after you do this long enuf!

Castor oil. Grandma's remedy. Just apply over area a few times a day.

We tried home verisons for a month +, and finally went to the doctor and had it froze. It was painful and scary, but effective.

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