Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Owyhee County Back In The Day.....

More Oreana Cowboys-- Shirley Adcock Murdock, Tim Nettleton, Theron Adcock, Dick Jayo

Nettleton's Box T Ranch in the Owyhee Mountains in the late 1940's. Horseback is Dick Jayo & Theron Adcock. Small child is Nick Nettleton walking by father, Jim: brother Tim Nettleton is facing away from the camera, Hubert Nettleton is branding the calf. This picture appeared on the cover of a magazine.

Joyce Ranch at Sinker Creek--early 1940's. Notice the HUGE stack of loose hay behind the buildings! Crew: Gene Hilton, (ranch hand), Nettletons--Joe (son), Villo (father), Hubert (son)

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